Super Nintendo Controllers (Authentic OEM)


Here we have a set of three Super Nintendo Controllers from the classic SNES system released in North America on August 3rd 1991. This system was such a breakthrough in gaming because it doubled the graphics power of its regular Nintendo predecessor and brought with it many iconic games that remain relevant to this day. The tip that would like to express here is that when you’re talking video games you don’t always need the whole package for there to be value. The second thing that works in your favor is if the seller doesn’t know that they will sell you the spare parts cheap in an effort to get rid of them. For instance I got all three of these controllers for $1 at a yard sale. They are very sought after because they they are original controllers made and branded by Nintendo and are not cheap aftermarket versions.

Price Paid: $1.00
Sale Price: $29.95 via my eBay store.

Updated: June 15, 2014 — 1:07 am
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