Budweiser “BUD MAN” Tin Beer Sign


This Budweiser Beer advertising sign is definitely one of the coolest beer signs I have ever found. It features an old Budweiser “mascot” named Bud Man and is huge (3’x2′)! Beer advertising items always sell because they reach such a large audience. For example this sign might entice Budweiser collectors as well as advertising collectors as well as sign collectors because it is such a unique and colorful piece. Buying beer signs is a sure fire way to make some money as you are starting out but be cautioned that collectors like their items in the best condition possible so shipping them can sometimes be a burden. If done carefully you can add this item to your arsenal of items to look for at yard sales.

Price Paid: $17.00
Sale Price: $55.00

Super Nintendo Controllers (Authentic OEM)


Here we have a set of three Super Nintendo Controllers from the classic SNES system released in North America on August 3rd 1991. This system was such a breakthrough in gaming because it doubled the graphics power of its regular Nintendo predecessor and brought with it many iconic games that remain relevant to this day. The tip that would like to express here is that when you’re talking video games you don’t always need the whole package for there to be value. The second thing that works in your favor is if the seller doesn’t know that they will sell you the spare parts cheap in an effort to get rid of them. For instance I got all three of these controllers for $1 at a yard sale. They are very sought after because they they are original controllers made and branded by Nintendo and are not cheap aftermarket versions.

Price Paid: $1.00
Sale Price: $29.95 via my eBay store.

Hershey Bears Frank Mathers Statue & Coco the Bear Bobble Head


Sports memorabilia is one of the fastest selling genres online and here we have a Frank Mathers statue coupled with a Coco the bear mascot bobble head. Frank Mathers was inducted into the hockey hall of fame in 1992 and had a 35 association with Hershey. Coco the bear is an iconic mascot and in this pose sports the winter classic jersey.

I found both of these awesome pieces at the local flea market on separate days. The best thing about both of these items is they were buried in a box where each item was $1. Sometimes the best part of thrifting/yardsaling is digging up the buried treasure.

Price Paid: $1.00 each
Sale Price: $12.50 each via yard sale

Texas Instruments TI-83 Graphing Calculator


This Texas Instruments TI-83 graphing calculator was waiting for me on a table at the local flea market for a mere $2. These calculators are often overlooked because who needs a used calculator when a brand new one is only a few bucks, right? Wrong… Graphing calculators are extremely expensive (TI-83’s are still $100 brand new) and almost every 6-8th grade student needs one for calculus class. The worst part is they’ll never need to use them again and because of that thrifty parents love to buy them used on eBay and Amazon.

Price Paid: $2.00
Sale Price: $26.95

Yamaha DD-55C Portable Electronic Drum Kit


I found this Yamaha electronic drum kit at a local auction being sold as a box lot. I was lucky enough to win the bid and take this home at an incredible deal. The Yamaha DD-55c generates true to life sounds when the rubber pads are hit with drum sticks. It can be plugged into a power source or given 6 batteries for portable play.

Musical instruments are very tough to appraise on the spot and therefore I don’t recommend buying them when you are first starting out. The exception to that rule is anything manufactured and electronic. These types of instruments, which are easy to look up on eBay, allow you to learn their value instantly giving you a perfect idea of what you should pay to buy one.

Price Paid: $5.00
Sale Price: $44.95

Hershey Bears Champion Windbreaker


One of my favorite areas in any thrift store or second hand shop is the clothing section. Most notable within the clothing section is the spring and winter jackets. This can be a very lucrative section if you know what you’re looking for and the easiest advice for a novice is to start out with various sports jackets. Not a flashy Blazer but a coat depicting a popular sports team. Recently I found this Hershey Bears windbreaker made by Champion. The Hershey Bears are a professional AHL hockey team and their fans go crazy for quality merchandise that shows their favorite logos and players.

Price Paid: $2.95
Sale Price: $29.95

Hershey’s Syrup Ice Cream Scoop


While searching a local thrift store I was able to find a large box of these cast aluminum Hershey’s Syrup ice cream scoops made by Nuroll out of Ohio USA.  These are my favorite type of collectibles because they look great and are functional pieces.  The scoops have a sharp edge perfect for scooping ice cream as well as a brand new shiny finish making them look great in any collection.  There is also a hole in the end of the scoop which could allow it to be hung in a Hershey’s kitchen display.  Whatever the scoop is used for it is sure to be an impressive item.

Price Paid: $2.00 each
Sale Price: $9.95 & available in my eBay store

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