Musical Instruments

DOD Ice Box FX 64 Electric Guitar Effects Pedal


Ever hear an electric guitar at a rock & roll concert or on your favorite song and wonder how the extra sound effects are added? Check out the DOD Ice Box FX 64 electric guitar effects pedal. The guitar is plugged into this unit and when the pedal is pressed down during play it adds the desired sound. In this case it is the stereo chorus effect. I won this Pedal at a local auction for a little more than I wanted to pay but a great price none the less. Aftermarket add-ons for musical instruments are always a safe bet but they must be in good working condition. If you are unable to test them make sure you offer a good return policy and make note when you sell the item that it is untested.

Price Paid: $17.50
Sale Price: $34.50 via my eBay store

Yamaha DD-20C Portable Electronic Drum Kit


If this Yamaha DD-20C looks familiar it’s because you’ve seen one of these on the site before but in a larger version. Please check out the Yamaha DD-55C. The main reason I decided to post this is to shine light on one of the best pieces of beginner advice and that is to go with what you know. Take inexpensive risks and when you do well with something, buy it again! I found the DD-20C at a yard sale this weekend for only $1 which was an incredible deal and a quick seller but the only reason I knew to buy it was because I had had previous success with the DD-55C.

Price Paid: $1.00
Sale Price: $23.95 via my eBay store

Yamaha DD-55C Portable Electronic Drum Kit


I found this Yamaha electronic drum kit at a local auction being sold as a box lot. I was lucky enough to win the bid and take this home at an incredible deal. The Yamaha DD-55c generates true to life sounds when the rubber pads are hit with drum sticks. It can be plugged into a power source or given 6 batteries for portable play.

Musical instruments are very tough to appraise on the spot and therefore I don’t recommend buying them when you are first starting out. The exception to that rule is anything manufactured and electronic. These types of instruments, which are easy to look up on eBay, allow you to learn their value instantly giving you a perfect idea of what you should pay to buy one.

Price Paid: $5.00
Sale Price: $44.95

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