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Brown & Black VZ 1911 Standard Pistol Grips w/ Attachment Screws


The 1911, or M1911 as it’s also known, is one of the most common, well designed and well liked .45 caliber pistols of all time. The pistol is a magazine fed single action firearm that was standard issue to the United States Armed Forces from 1911 all the way until 1985 when it was replaced by the 9mm Beretta. Pictured above are some aftermarket grips made for the 1911 which have a brown and black tiger pattern. I found these at a yard sale in a “miscellaneous parts” box. They were still brand new so I snatched them up for the asking price of $5. Firearms, firearm parts (both original and aftermarket) and ammunition will always sell well in America no matter the economy. Whenever you see parts for a gun make sure to look up their value and get ready to make an offer. They are a very easy resell and a great way to learn a little something as you are starting out. Be cautioned that if you use eBay or Amazon as your sales outlet to carefully read the firearms policies. eBay and Amazon have very strict rules about what can be sold related to firearms and to whom they can be sold. I was able to sell the pair I found in three days for $50.

Price Paid: $5.00
Sale Price: $50.00 via my eBay store

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