Logitech Z-5500 THX PC Surround Sound Computer Speakers


On my last trip to the local Goodwill store as I was heading towards the parking lot I looked in couldn’t believe what was sitting in the window. A brand new setup of Logitech z-5500 THX certified surround sound computer speakers. These aren’t just any computer speakers these are 500w of crisp highs, distinguished mids and deep hard hitting bass. Just as a reference most computer speaker setups are in the 50-75w range. These could honestly be very high quality home theater speakers for your TV. As I bought them for the asking price I thought this would be a great opportunity to bring up the difference between purchasing new and used electronics from a thrift store. In my experience most high end electronics and even most mid range items are best bought only if you can find them new. Usually value deteriorates so much if the item has been used because electronics are so prone to breakdown or damage by users. An average customer is willing to pay a little more for a new electronic item. To take that a step further electronics, if new, are so uniform that a customer knows exactly what he/she is getting right away and doesn’t need to make the distinction between buying from you or buying from Best Buy. If it’s new in the box and has a return policy who cares where it is coming from? When you step into the world of used electronics a consumer needs to read and make sure all the parts are there (think remotes or speaker covers etc.), that they will be satisfied with the condition and also happy with any alterations already done to the product (speaker wire lengths cut to fit previous owners home). This increases the time it will take you to sell the item and all the while it is losing value. My advice for electronics is to buy them only when they are new in the package (or very very mint in the package) so you can provide the most straight forward non confusing listing for your buyer when you go to sell it. Otherwise STAY AWAY!

Price Paid: $69.00
Sale Price: Available on my eBay store

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