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Authentic Hershey Bears Team Issue Goalie Cut AHL Hockey Jersey

Team Issue Hershey Bears Jersey

As we enter the winter months yard sales and flea markets begin to slow down (at least they do here in Pennsylvania). However this does not mean you are forced to slow down your treasure hunting. All you need to do is change up your tactics and think outside of the box. Instead of going to yard sales to seek out treasure, let the treasure come to you! What I mean by this is you can place Craigslist or newspaper ads, make Facebook posts, send out Tweets or use any other means of getting the word out that you are looking to buy things other people do not want. A great example of the success you can have doing this is the Hershey Bears jersey pictured above. Since I am personally a Hershey Bears fan in placed an ad on Craigslist looking for memorabilia, jackets, jerseys and anything related to the team. I was messaged by another user who had a team issue authentic style #34 jersey and needed to unload it fast. Instantly I wanted it for my collection and gladly paid the $50 price he was asking, but just as instantly when I got it home realized it was a size 58G (meaning goalie cut and sized to fit over a full set of pads). It was huge and never going to fit me so I put it up for sale and was able to get more than three times my money. Keep in mind there are always different ways to acquire items aside from seasonal yard sales and flea markets. While replies to your ads may not be fast or frequent, and trust me you will get a lot of answers that are not worth your time, you will always get out what you put in so get to work!

Price Paid: $50.00
Sale Price: $189.95

Hershey Bears Champion Windbreaker


One of my favorite areas in any thrift store or second hand shop is the clothing section. Most notable within the clothing section is the spring and winter jackets. This can be a very lucrative section if you know what you’re looking for and the easiest advice for a novice is to start out with various sports jackets. Not a flashy Blazer but a coat depicting a popular sports team. Recently I found this Hershey Bears windbreaker made by Champion. The Hershey Bears are a professional AHL hockey team and their fans go crazy for quality merchandise that shows their favorite logos and players.

Price Paid: $2.95
Sale Price: $29.95

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